Transformational Small Group, And Individual, Coaching To Help You Thrive As A Parent.

Join The 12-month Personal Coaching Group Led By Nationally Recognized Parent Trainers, Mike and Kristin Berry. 


What is THRIVE and how can it help you?

We understand what you're going through...  

You want to be the best parent possible for your child. You want to do everything you can to help them. But you struggle often. You wonder if you'll ever understand your child, their past trauma, present behaviors, and how to help them through it. What if you had someone to walk with you, step-by-step, equipping you, encouraging you, and guiding you as you work to better care for your child? How different would your journey be? That's precisely what THRIVE Parent Coaching will do for you.  

THRIVE is an entire year of personal coaching, in-depth training, and hands-on support, through a small group personally led by Best-Selling Authors, Award-Winning Bloggers, and Parent Trainers, Mike & Kristin Berry. For 12 months they will walk beside you on a personal level, helping you better understand your child, redefine your role as a parent, change your relationship with your children, and lay the groundwork for success on the adoption and foster care journey. THRIVE is not a one and done seminar or online course. Thrive is personal, one-on-one, coaching and mentoring every month, for an entire year.  


Members who attended our 2018-19 Thrive group meet up this past summer in Indianapolis

"Mike and Kristin’s outreach has made a big impact on my life. I found their podcasts at a point in my life as an adoptive mom where I felt very alone and I felt like the struggles I was facing were something that no one else understood. By joining Thrive, the personal one on one calls, group meetings online, and texts with the group were places I felt free to share specific information about my family’s struggles without judgement. I’m glad I made the investment in Thrive."  

2019-20 Group Member from Kentucky 

Meet The Coaches, Mike & Kristin Berry...

Hi friends, we are Mike and Kristin Berry from the award-winning podcast The Honestly Adoption Podcast, and we are excited to be on this journey with you. 

For nearly 2 decades we have been hands on in equipping parents just like you to be the best parents they can possibly be for their children. Your children matter and our greatest desire is to see you build a healthy attachment and lifelong connection with them. 

For the next year, that's precisely what we will help you do through THRIVE. We are excited to begin this journey!

With hope,

Mike and Kristin

What's Included In A Thrive Coaching Membership?

Bottom line: Thrive is not like any other online course, forum, or Facebook group. For an entire year you get personal attention from us and our team. We do this 4 ways...

Monthly Deep-Dive Training Live

Each month you will be invited to participate in online video teaching sessions with Mike & Kristin, from the comfort of your own home. ($5500 Value) 

Monthly One-On-One Coaching Calls

In addition to monthly Deep Dive Trainings, your membership comes with monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Mike and Kristin. ($6500 Value) 

Weekly Access To Us Through Slack

Slack is the online tool our team uses to communicate. You'll have access to a private channel to ask questions and get answers. ($1000 Value)

1 Ticket To Our In-Person Meet Up

Your membership includes 1 ticket to our in-person meet-up happening in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2020. ($1500 Value)

“We are missionaries living overseas in a culture with no support for foster and adoptive families. It has been so encouraging for us to be plugged into a network of families that are also on this foster/adoption journey. Mike and Kristin have a wealth of experience and knowledge that has been extremely beneficial to us. We’re so grateful that we can reach out to them for advice in our moments of need!”  

Tim and Caroline 2018-19 Group Members from Romania 

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